Monday, November 21, 2011

Things I forgot...and pics!!

Things I forgot-

Reese ended up being an alternate for the all star team! He played in 2 summer tournaments (team placed runner up in both) and then state tournament and the world series. It was a great experience for him and he impressed us all- even made a diving catch that looked like the pros and ended the world series with his last bat being a great hit that was a double!! He also made the Olive Branch Intermediate chess team this year!!

Raygan-Elise had oral surgery to get caps on front 2 teeth. Nala, Simba, R-E and I went that day! Didn't realize the medicine was kicking in and she feel to that the ground bc she was so tipsy...Oops! Then she screamed bc I wouldn't let her walk anymore after realizing she was tipsy!! Her front teeth are now bright white! After this, it was time to take ease off her soothe (pacifier) bc. Was scared it would pull on caps. I told her she needed to mail her soothe to baby heith. She wasn't happy but eventually gave in to it...however, 3 days later she found another soothe! When I said Baby Heith needed it..she said, "no, he don't, he have one. He have other one I gave." Ha! Smart girl! Finally got her off of her soothe that week...although tears came and went for a long time!!!

Earlier post... earlier post was from summer, 2010. It was in the draft section and I clicked it and it posted... Oops!!

Time is flying by us...

Another half year gone... Kids are growing and learning!

Reese is having a great year! He has made all A's, was the first child to get the Citizenship award in August, made the Desoto Cardinals 9u baseball team, and is being a great big brother! His week consists of school, homework, and baseball practice on Monday and Thursday nights. A friend shared a conversation he had with Reese's teacher and I must say it made me cry. And she didn't even know that I was friends with the other teacher.

Conversation started about who they thought were star students
Friend (Reese's PE teacher)- well, the kids who shine in your room may not necessarily be the ones who shine in here...,ore than likely they aren't.
Reese's teacher- True. It would be interesting to see who you think are stars and other activity teachers compared to my thoughts.
Friend- well who are yours .
Teacher- Well, my top 2 would be Reese and ____.
Friend- That is interesting bc they do shine in PE! Both very athletic, try hard, and determined!
Teacher- interesting. But if you want to know my kindest kid, kind to all, boys and girls, it would be Reese.
Friend then said they started talking about how Reese is a triple or quadruple threat- handsome, kind, smart, athletic!

Awww!! That's my boy!!!!

Raygan-Elise is growing up each day! Her conversations are so smart now! Sometimes, it takes her bit longer to catch on to numbers or letters, but she's so socially smart and verbal!!! She jokes and has a great sense of humor. she also can manipulate to get her way. Not sure if that's a pro or a con but she is talented at it! She is really into birthdays and says she wants every toy she sees for her birthday and every food at her birthday...she also says her birthday is on Friday and Tuesday. At school, we are having more good days than bad. Usually she plays and joins in...although she likes sneaking drinks from my diet dr peppers!!! I am enjoying having her with me each day.

Halloween- our traditional trip to Zoo Boo was great! John Aedon (a transformer for Zoo Boo and ghost buster for halloween), Anna, and Jeremy joined us! The kids had a ball!! Reese was scary for the first time! He wore a black coat and scary mask. He of course ran up and down each driveway and back to hayride until we pulled to next houses. When we got home, he had piles of candy on the floor. So we asked what in the world he was doing....he had sorted his candy into categories- chocolate, suckers, chewy, etc. : D. Raygan-Elise was a cute horse with bows of course!! She wasn't much into the trick or treating. After about 3 houses, she said she had enough and preferred
sitting on the hayride eating it!! Every so often, we talked her into going to another house! Then, I said let's go home. She was fine with that so as the hayride rode by our house we got off. Well, I guess she thought Reese and Daddy were getting off too bc as they pulled off the tears and screams started. She didn't want to get off...ect. After about 10 min and a trip to one more house (but then she refused to ring doorbell so we left) she was better! Pics coming soon!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Without a computer = not many blog posts!

But I finally decided to do a small one from my iPad!

Big happenings:

Reese finished 3rd grade with all A's in every subject all year long!! He will be leaving Chickasaw and for the first time since we moved here will be going to a school that isn't a walk across my parking lot! : (. He went to his first major concert- Bon Jovi with me, Brian, and Anna in May!!! I think Anna and I only embarrassed him a little bit in our 80's outfits. He watches concerts a lot like his Daddy! Anna and I were up dancing the whole time, and Brian and Reese sat and watched the band and stage show...although I talked them into getting up on some of the "must dance" songs! He really enjoyed the concert though! He had a wonderful soccer season and was a top player on his soccer team, and then went on to play a great season of baseball, including many home runs!! The best one was his last game last week: 2 outs, last inning, runner on first, tied 8-8 and Reese went up to bat. 2 strikes. And swing...a home run to win the last game of the season!!!! Although his team struggled this year with a sweet coach who had never coached before and many players who had never played baseball before, He was nominated by his coach to try out for all stars and although he didn't make the team...we are so proud of his heart and effort!! He is hoping to play fall baseball and sit out this season of football.

Raygan-Elise started coming to my school after spring break and will be in my room next year. Also, while out shopping in March, I ran out of diapers and told her do not potty on pants...and she didn't!!!! Wow! And from then on she wore panties! She's had a few accidents but not many!! She was finally baptized in early May. It was a wonderful special day. When the priest walked over, she put her hand on her cheeks, elbows on the pew, and just stared at was precious. Then, after the actual baptism, she would cry about every 5-10 min and say "I got wet!". She is such a big girl now- talks all the time, has learned words to all sorts of songs, still loves her hair bows, and her "fip fops" (flip flops). She also had her first dance recital, and I must say she rocked it!! She knew both her dances and did a great job on the stage!

Spring Break: we took a weekend trip with Anna, John Aedon, Amanda, me, Reese, and Raygan-Elise to pick up our new family member, Sally! She is a full-blooded 3 yr old yorkie. Raygan-Elise adores her and carries her everywhere!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Fall

Fall went by so fast! Mostly spent with Reese playing football and R-E watching the games (well, ok not really).

Reese played on Cowboys and loved it! He played the whole game- Offense and Defense. He made one TD in a "preseason" game! For a lil one on the team, he was tough and strong! He was one of 4 on his team to make All-Stars and his All-Star team won! He had some great blocks in the game. And I am one of those moms that yells and walks the field. Then, I say to myself "he can't hear me" but I just keep yelling!
He is doing great in school and even his Spotlight/gifted teacher says how much he is a stand-out in her room. She says he's a leader and organizes the kids to come up with solutions! And she brags on his writings! She said she even copied one on a transparency to teach other Spotlight classes...I'm so proud!!! He still challenges me all the time with his thinking skills. I often have to get him to explain to me what he means and usually it is something so interesting. One funny story- As R-E was watching Dora, the cartoon asked "which black hole should dora go down." He died out laughing and we looked at him. He said, "that the craziest question the answer is none of them!" He ponders the weirdest things- "Why is there no random people walking around on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I mean there's always random people in real life but not cartoons" and "I wonder why there are no sharks on Spongebob". He loves to read and his new series he likes in 39 Clues. (We got him the whole set for Christmas). He's had a healthy year, except for a mild case of the flu. He is geared up and ready to play spring soccer! His other big accomplishment was receiving his First Communion in October! It was a special day filled with special guests: Anna, SL, Me, Brian, R-E, Hammie and Poppa! He received The Body and The Blood and you could see in his face how proud he was. Such a sweet boy...Brian and I have both walked in on him on different days in his room bf bedtime kneeling and saying his prayers! Brings tears to my eyes as I type!

Raygan-Elise is just growing up-- talking so much, uses potty occasionally,and of course being bossy! She says almost anything now and I can usually understand her (although others can't). She still loves singing "you are my sunshine" bf bed and loves part of "don't take my sunshine away". After she will say "i ant ake" = I want take...meaning sing that part again. She says i uv ew= I love you! She likes putting her hands on her hips to make a statement and she can give you some of the craziest faces to show her attitude and dislike. She still loves Mickey Mouse but has also started other shows since her daycare watches TV from 3:45-4:15 each day and somedays I don't make it there till 4. She enjoys Diego, Dora, Wonderpets, etc. She danced in her first recital/play in December. She was a flower in the Nutcracker: World Tour. She had many guests: SL, Mom, Me, Brian and Mamaw all there to watch her as she sat on stage for 3 minutes playing with her feet. She never stood up or attempted to do a thing. We are hoping her Spring performance will be more animated. She loves dance though! There are only 4 in her class and they really dance each Saturday! I also realized last week that she knows the letter R and M and the sound S makes. I wrote several other letters which she didn't recognize. Conclusion: knows R and M bc of all her monogrammed clothes!!! I always say lets get on this M shirt. :) Now, I'm not sure about the S... She can also sing the Alphabet song and the chorus to almost any song in top 10 hit radio. She loves music! She's of course been hit hard with diff. illnesses this fall. She had hand, foot, and mouth around the 2nd week of school, had ear infections in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec, and was put on oral antibiotic for one of those infections with caused antibiotic induced colitis. On a big positive note, she just had her first hearing test come back YAY! (past tests were bad due to fluid.) Crazy Girl! Still off dairy and taking 2 allergy meds daily and asthma inhaler 2 times a day. We are working on getting her off her paci--AKA her soothie! It is extremely hard. Over Christmas break, we tried the only in the bed idea. It worked pretty good. But now we are onto the only in the bed and the carseat deal! We will keep working! The tears and screams flow so bad....It is like her best friend is gone when she realizes she doesn't have it.

Halloween: She was Minnie Mouse, and he was a football player. We went to our annual Zoo Boo trip- watched the magic show, road some zoo rides, trick or treated around the zoo, and Reese hung out with the scarecrows (they were real people!). R-E school also had a fall carnival/party during her school day- games, bounce house, snack, and hayride. I went up there to walk with her class! Reese drew a design on a pumpkin this year, then I cut it out. I was a bat pumpkin, and he did a great job!

Guess that's all for tonight! Will post Christmas soon! I'm gonna get back on track! I love to as an easy way to keep you up to date but also for my memories bc they are all going by too quick and I've realized you forget so much. I hope to print these out as a keepsake for Reese and R-E to have! Our Computer isn't acting nice and we haven't been able to upload pics. So most current our still on camera...but here are a few past ones:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Myres MIA...

So I've been MIA!

I have been scolded and feel awful about not blogging lately! Sorry and I will get better! Here are some funny and memorable moments from our last months:

Early August-
Raygan-elise to random boy at reese football game-
R-E “Here, sit.”
Handed him book. R-E- “read”
Boy- “Who me “
R-E “Yes!”

Raygan elise popped in Potty this morning for first real time!

Reese - Apparently I offended her. (Her being Raygan-Elise.)

Raygan-elise not wanting to soap up in the tub so she put out her hand and said “stop! Stop it momma.” Then took soap and put it on other side of tub away from me.

Past Saturday-- Reese scored his first touchdown in a scrimmage game!

Reese- I never took into account where I was gonna put my toast.

August 5- Reese woke up excited about school! First thing he said- "mom, did you go to that open house thing? Oh good, so what's my activity class today?" : )

August 15-- Reese kissing Ray and then says “I'm practicing to be president bc when you're president you have to know how to kiss babies.” Me- how do you know that? Reese- They say it on tv.

Today- Ray kept diaper dry all day (except for poop)

Reese thought school gave him lunch money bc the office worker brought it down to his room after I took it to office. He was so excited the school gave him $.

Aug. 9- Great 1st day with my prekinders, bakery treats afterschool, major meltdown/fit from Raygan-elise but followed 1 hour later by her coming to me with a big hug & her telling me "i wuv ew" for the first time ever! And I actually loved helping Reese complete his homework- interviewing me about his name, why/when we choose it, etc. Great day!!

August 10- After Seeing Duggards TV show- Reese- “I wouldn't want that many kids unless I was married like 5 times so I would have 5 moms to help me!”

Aug. 10- Yea the toddler screaming at walmart was R-E. She was doing this bc I said NO it is inappropriate to throw your icee at your mom and took away her silly bandz. Reese then said mom she didnt actually throw it at you; only the straw hit you! Hmmmm...what I'm I doing wrong?! : )

Aug. 16- Reese is excited when riding solo & cooler than me are on xm but bret michaels comes on...and he sings "i don't like this" over and over. Whos kid is this?
And now he's asking to change aerosmith and trying yo annoy me by going lalalalalala. Seriously? I think Brian needs to have a talk with him! : )

Aug. 22- Thinks I may need to read some new parenting books after Raygan-elise's church behavior, which included her yelling hush and stop it momma, kicking toys in the quiet room, and trying to hit me when I told her to stop...or maybe I need to take a class! But first- its nap time!!

Sept 11- Can't believe Raygan-elise is so was her first dance class! Some tears walking away but Mrs Jill cheered them up!

Sept. 12- Both of my kids are still up and now dancing to a vma performance...hmmm...

Sept. 25- Raygan-elise danced this morning at ballet, reese's team won their football game, and now I'm getting ready to take r-e to Disney on ice! What a fun day!

Oct. 1- "YES-2 desserts, fries, and a chicken sandwich...all a man can want!"- Reese on why he wants a lunch tray today!
Oct. 4- Raygan-elise is counting the fingers on her hand- "eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, eleven, twelve-teen, eighteen, eighteen, three”

Oct. 5- Is thinking Raygan-elise ate rocks at daycare today...why would I think. That? Her very random words- "I eat rocks" what? Who ate rocks? "me" (as she proudly raises her hand) at school? "Yes!"

Oct. 10- Cried this morning while watching reese and his Sunday school class take their First Eucharist...such a proud mommy!

October 23- Zoo BOO take 2! (and we have printed the tickets this time!)

October 30- Reese, Raygan-Elise and I went to March for Babies at the Olive Branch Park!

Nov 17----"Usher sang in the 90's? Hmmm...he sounded different back then."
--Reese (when an usher song came on 90's on 9)

Nov 18----Just watched Raygan-elise on stage for the first time at rehearsal for Ballet Desoto Nutcracker! She will be (hopefully dancing) flower on Sunday! So cute!

Nov. 21----Just watched the cutest sitting flower in her first Nutcracker performance!

Nov. 22----My house is all turned around...reese been sick since Friday and I've checked his temp so much that batteries are dead, and r-e upset that reese is taking "her medicines" and "her mameter" (thermometer)

Nov. 27----Awesome! -- R-E new word (too cute...guess she learned that from big brother) ~~Learned later that this was learned from Mrs. Holly, one of Raygan-Elise’s teachers, and she sounds exactly like Mrs. Holly!
Nov. 30 ---Out of nowhere, Raygan-Elise seriously just said- "mommys cazy" (crazy) hmmmm...not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not...
Dec 1---2nd day in a row- " oh, mommy cazy" (in carseat both times...wondering if its my driving)

Dec. 2----Is questioning her mornings...reese just said, "we are more happy this morning than we usually are."

Dec 4---Stars in Motion Parade float...too much fun and Raygan-Elise sat! Yay! Now nap for her! (She sat on float until last turn when she decided to stand and fuss. During parade, she kept poking her head through ribbon d├ęcor and saying, “I ee ew!” (I see you!)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July is gone!

Our summer is gone! But we had a busy but fun one! Both of our babies are growing up...Here are some updates-

Reese is now a great bike rider! He even rode his bike to the store with his Poppa; although he did have one bad wreck on the way which they didn't tell me about for a few days. But since then, he has been around the neighborhood with Poppa and Brian and is doing great! He says this is the best summer ever because we went to Alabama Soccer tournament, go to the pool almost everyday, and went to the beach! I think Hammie and Poppa living here has been a plus for him too! He surprises me each day at the pool because he isn't shy. If he doesn't know anyone, he will just walk up and find a new friend to play with him! He really got into baseball and enjoyed several Redbirds game this summer (we all went for Father's Day)!! He still loves using his big words, especially the word apparently! He enjoys talking on the phone (with Caleb L.) and still loves computer games. He is clueless when it comes to looking for anything. It tends to be frustrating to us because he will walk right by what he is looking for and miss it! He lost another tooth on the way to our beach vaca when biting into a Baconator sandwich from Wendy's. He was surprised and excited bc he had wanted one of these sandwiches for a while...then he called me (he was with Hammie and Poppa) and said he took a few bites and it came out. I didn't even know one was loose! He enjoys watching Cake Boss on TV which is funny (a reality show about a cake store. And he has become SO nosy. Anytime he overhears us he walks in asking- what? What did you say? Who did that? Etc. He starts 3rd grade in 2 days, and I still am in shock! He will have Kim Bridges as his teacher, and we are so excited!!


Raygan-Elise had her 2nd surgery at the beginning of July. They replaced her tubes due to too many infections and took out her adenoids. It was outpatient at Lebonheur East. The day of the surgery she mostly slept once we got home. She was up about 3 hours and ate some mash potatoes. Friday she was doing quite well but Saturday she began running almost 103. So, we called the doc who felt it was unrelated and if she was still running fever Sunday to take her to the doctor. Well, she was so we a minor med and they sent us to the ER bc she had a elevated white count. We didn't get the friendliest ER fact she complained about parents and was rude and at one point talked about how we should take away R-E paci (AKA her soothie). It was the oddest thing! They tested her for strep (although minor med had already said that would be negative bc she was on amoxicilian) and it was neg and dip-sticked her urine. After her fever came down from tylenol, they discharged her. Then, she threw up all throughout night! Monday and Tuesday were not so fun days and finally Wed was better! But boy, they aren't lying...breathe is awful and finally just stopped smelling about a week and half ago! Her ENT says he is unsure how she was actually breathing bc her adenoids were huge huge and growing into her nasal we are hoping next year we won't be sick all the time!

She also got her 1st haircut this month to try to even out the longer baby hair with the shorter newer hair. I was so nervous but it went fine. And it does look much better! She still potties off and on in the potty but also in her diaper. She goes to sleep with me and then I move her to her bed where typically she will stay all night. She is talking talking! Saying everything and learning so much! She understands and responds to everything we say...I am just loving this stage. She cracks us up all the time with her new fav sayings- go time out, I scares (I'm scared) and everything is "mines"! Still Loves Mickey Mouse and Minnie and Baby dolls and of course still loves bracelets! And yes she still takes her Soothie! She is still very emotional and diva-like. She can throw a major major fit, gets in horrible diva moods, is very bossy, loves to tell you to do something and says "now!", loves to throw things and hit when she is mad, and say NO! But is just too cute for words! She will be promoted on Monday to a new classroom also! So sad!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adventures in Bike riding!

Events happened on July 3rd, 2010-- Reese has never really wanted to learn how to ride a bike...well, actually he wants to...falls a few times and quits! This has been our pattern every year. Things always come so easy to him on the first try and since this is a little harder he gives up and thinks he can't. We always practice for a month or so and then we both get frustrated and give up. Last year after I read and read on the internet for tips we almost had it but he was a tad bit too big for his old bike so it never quite clicked. About 2 months ago, Brian was riding his bike as a neighbor put out a very nice boy bike with a sign free to a good home. So Brian asked him and it became Reese's new bike. Today, we decided it was time for him to try again. We started on the new big bike. Several falls and tears later he was so nervous. He kept saying "I just can't! I can't ride a bike." We took a break and went to the old small bike to work on balance and stopping. I told him he could do this- he was smart, a great athlete, and God gave him 2 legs and he could ride a bike! He asked "so why isn't God helping?" I said he is but you have to do you part too!! First we worked on balancing on the hill with the small bike and he did it and did it again about 10 times!! He could balance but not peddle as the bike too small, but he had confidence back! So we went back to the big bike on a straight piece of land! Brian and Hammie came outside to watch and offer their praise. (Later, Poppa and R-E came out too!) Next, we practiced balancing with me pushing and then onto peddling and he has it!!! He made several excuses along the way- the grass it too bumpy, my fingers won't reach the brake, you're pushing me toward the hill! Just going straight turning yet. We really have to go somewhere where he can peddle farther before having to stop. But I'm so proud of him for finally giving it a better try!!! After I asked him if riding a bike was hard, I learned that he's still not into it too much yet. He said he kind of likes riding his bike and that his fav part was going down the hill (on his old bike). He wants to learn how to turn. He says if he can stand in the deep pool at the ymca then he can ride his bike (his new bigger bike) down the hill & touch the ground. But he says he needs to grow 5-6 more inches for that to happen. Now, Noah and Reese are riding R-E pink toddler car (the kind with no peddles that you just sit in) down our big backyard hill!!!
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

June is gone...

TIRED kids after a long day of errand (in our rental car while my car was being fixed from a friend backing into it)

Wow! Summer passes so quick! We have had a fun-filled month finishing up baseball early in June and then most days at the pool! Reese and Raygan-Elise are both looking very tan!

They both had their well visits this month. Reese weighed 64 lbs(75th percentile)and was inches 51 in tall (51st percentile). He also had a sinus infection, which is what was causing his cough so he got some meds. Raygan-Elise weight 25 lbs ( which is somewhere around the 25th percentile) and was inches tall (43rd percentile). She also went to an allergist this past week, and the results showed she is allergic to 2 families of mold, milk, cats, and rabbits. She has already been dairy-free since March (with a couple of cheating days, but has had no straight milk). We are removing all potted plants and we had to give away our 4 yr old bunny - Shadow. Reese was very sad and cried! At first, he thought it would be better to just never let Ray go upstairs, but we told him that really wasn't realistic! That was 3 days ago and this morning he came up to me and said- "so now that Shadow is gone, can we get another pet?" I said that I didn't think so and he said, "what? Why? it's not like I'm gonna say another bunny."

Reese loves sports! He says, "I like football first, baseball is second and soccer is third and that's all the sports I like because I don't want one to be a loser." (Bc they'd be in 4th place) He also loves using the word apparently! He uses it all the time! He isn't shy at the pool and will walk up to any of the kids and ask them to play! He likes getting kids together to play pickle- which is a game that involves a water ball and spots of the pool as bases. He has started having grumpy times, but we are working on that! He's also started to do a little stomping of feet, rolling of eyes, and ugh sounds when he doesn't want to do something but he is immediately getting in trouble and I'm hoping that being consistent will stop this stage soon!Mom says he's growing up bc he was talking to a friend on the phone and the friend said, "who answered the phone?" and Reese replied, "my grandmother." We've never heard him call her anything other than Hammie! But he's still a kid too!! We went to rent movies for the first time in months and he picked out Blank Check (older disney movie), The Suite life (disney TV show) and Scooby Doo!!! Football is coming soon! He is so excited!! He will be on the Cowboys 7 and 8 yr olds and Brian is going to help coach. This will be Brian's coaching debut!! :)

Reese using my phone to take a picture of himself! (I can tell her took it bc he didn't push his hair over to side; I always say push your hair over bf I take any pics!)

Raygan-Elise is very independent and moody!! She has grown up a lot and started to develop her own personality the past month. She still loves to eat everything!

On June 14th- R-E started sleeping on pallet by self.

On June 16th- I took Ray to the potty as soon as she woke up and R-E tt'd. Then she poo poo'd twice at the Y and tt'd a total of 6 times here. For a grand total of 8 potties today! Yay! First day ever and what a great day. She did wet pants all day too and had one poop in pants! But still good day. For months we've been sitting on potty ect.

June 17th- Fav sayings this week-- I comin, elpin=helping, oh e=hold me,

June 19th- R-E just asked to go potty for the first time- she said potty! And I took her and she went.

Now, she goes to potty on the potty and in her pull-ups. We've even tried panties a few times, which she's kept dry some and wet some. She is talking about everything! She says up- when she wants me to get up! She is very demanding. She even tried to boss a little boy (who we didn't know) at the pool. And he listened! She said, um (come), jup (jump), now, um (and added sounds like when you call a dog), now. The little boy walked over, climbed up and jumped!

She is starting to sing a lot of songs- she tries and knows some words to-- 5 little monkeys (swinging from a tree and jumping on the bed), The Alphabet song (loves P, and says z, x, g), You are my Sunshine and of course, itsy Bitsy Spider!

Mom bought her a toddler bed and bedding this month and daddy put it together. She loves it! She sits in it and watches TV! She will also sleep in it through the night after she falls asleep with me in my bed first and then we move her to her bed!

1st Night in her bed (without her bedding bc we didn't like any that day, but she has some now)

Late in June, she likes to say sop= stop,alk= walk, and sing her songs!

Raygan-Elise eating her pink cereal! While at the grocery store last night, Raygan-Elise walked and picked out her own cereal! She picked out a pink box with girls all over it, so of course I bought it! When unloading food, we realized she also added hot dogs (I had put in 2 packages so now we have 3), double stuffed oreos, a bag of chips, and a few more things!

PS- These are pics from cell phone bc our computer is still not letting us load new pictures! Also, forgive me for any typos! I type these quickly and Brian always finds some errors!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reese Soccer!!

Reese was asked a while back to join a 3 versus 3 soccer team which would travel out of town for tournaments 7 out of the 9 weeks of summer. We decided it wasn't the right time. But the team was going to have a player miss a tournament so they asked Reese to sub and we jumped at the chance to have a fun family weekend in Birmingham with the other Orange Crush team members and their families, as well as other friends on the other Olive Branch 3v3 teams. Brian and I were both nervous about the tournament. The other boys live soccer-all year long!! Reese only plays spring soccer and hadn't played since March and only had 1.5 practices with the team before the tournament. The night before we left I dreamed that Reese sat down on the middle of the field in the middle of the game and said "Coach Shea, I quit." I also dreamed that after half-time Reese came out in high heels and all the boys were yelling at him that he was supposed to wear cleats!

Friday, 6/25/2010- Reese road to Birmingham with a friend, Aaron Cook, and his parents so they could go swimming at the hotel. Brian, R-E and I left about an hour and half later.

Sat- Up bright and early and off to a 9 am game! Reese started off great and we were so proud. He scored 2 goals and played hard and strong. Orange Crush won!! Next game was at 12. All boys didn't play their best. Their game was very off, and we lost pretty bad! Next game started around 1:30 and they were back. He tried hard and was very aggressive. Reese scored another goal and blocked a few. We celebrated with sno-cones!! Raygan-Elise did surprisingly well all day! No nap! But she enjoyed all the attention from everyone around and enjoyed the snack bag! Next game was at 2:40 and again a great game. Reese scored another goal as well as scoring one that didn't count bc he wasn't across the line yet. Brian, Camden, and their son Gareth (friends of mine from high school) came to watch and Brian and I were so proud! Again-sno cones to celebrate. The team made it into the championship game and after a rough start a teammate, Riley, got them going. We won in overtime!! Orange Crush won the 3v3 Live Birmingham Tournament U8!!!! Reese was so excited and loved getting his championship medal.
Later in the evening, Brian and Reese went swimming in the hotel pool while R-E and I rested!!

Sunday- Alabama Adventure water park- Reese was read to go ride the big rides! He's finally tall enough to ride some larger slides, and he loved them all! Lines weren't long early in day so Brian and Reese road several over and over!! R-E loved the slides and water! She wore a life jacket for the first time and even went down the "large" slides at the "big kid" area. She even threw a fit to go by herself so after asking the life guard off she went and I followed behind her. She also loved the toddler area and toddler slides. She just smiled all day! Camden, Brian, and Gareth joined us again. Brian and Reese rode some roller coaster in the other area, and I took Reese over later while R-E took a nap and Brian rested too. We ended the day with an icee that Reese had been asking for all day long!!

Monday- McWayne Science Museum- Reese's fav part was petting the sharks and sting-rays (he went to that area twice). R-E loved seeing Nemo in the fish tank. I must admit I loved the jelly fish tank, and Brian liked the bed of nails! Reese was timid about the bed of nails but ended up doing it. R-E and Reese got in the hurricane tube. They both loved the balls that you could make float using air tubes and the water area that made the balls fly around! Reese was great at being a weather man on the green screen then we all got to watch him on the tv!! There were too many neat experiments!!! A very neat museum!
After a stop at the gift shop, we headed home!

Pics coming soon hopefully! Our computer is saying the hard drive if full and I haven't been able to load any pictures to our computer; therefore, I can't post or print any of them or any of the others that I've taken this summer!
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