Monday, November 21, 2011

Things I forgot...and pics!!

Things I forgot-

Reese ended up being an alternate for the all star team! He played in 2 summer tournaments (team placed runner up in both) and then state tournament and the world series. It was a great experience for him and he impressed us all- even made a diving catch that looked like the pros and ended the world series with his last bat being a great hit that was a double!! He also made the Olive Branch Intermediate chess team this year!!

Raygan-Elise had oral surgery to get caps on front 2 teeth. Nala, Simba, R-E and I went that day! Didn't realize the medicine was kicking in and she feel to that the ground bc she was so tipsy...Oops! Then she screamed bc I wouldn't let her walk anymore after realizing she was tipsy!! Her front teeth are now bright white! After this, it was time to take ease off her soothe (pacifier) bc. Was scared it would pull on caps. I told her she needed to mail her soothe to baby heith. She wasn't happy but eventually gave in to it...however, 3 days later she found another soothe! When I said Baby Heith needed it..she said, "no, he don't, he have one. He have other one I gave." Ha! Smart girl! Finally got her off of her soothe that week...although tears came and went for a long time!!!

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